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Love Buggy Time!

When November + Jenn serendipitously met, it became clear that The Universe had a plan for them.

Not only do these 2 women have a true love + affinity for community and bringing people together, they discovered they had met a twin flame in each other.  

While getting to know each other, they discovered that they both had a passion for flowers. They talked about learning the language of flowers, flower essences and the quirky habit they both shared —handing out flowers to strangers on the street just because. They realized how much they both enjoyed spreading joy, light, love and smiles!

As they talked, Jenn shared her experience of living abroad in Shanghai, China for 5 years. While living there she had driven a Tuk Tuk (a 4 wheeled / 2 bench bicycle), which was her main mode of transportation. She talked about fond memories of piling her children and their friends on the Tuk Tuk to take them for ice cream, drive them to school and essentially watching them grow up on it over those 5 years.When she left China, she could not bear to leave it behind as it had become part of her soul.

So, when returning to the States, she brought it with her and ‘The Love Buggy’ was born.

Jenn’s little Tuk Tuk evolved into a mobile Love Buggy where she and her friends can often be found driving down The Atlanta Beltline blasting love songs and handing out flowers.

And now, Jenn + November have teamed up to share their passion of spreading the love along with special invitations to join us for SIT classes — our mindful meditations at The Modern Apothecary.

The Modern Apothecary + Mindful Mornings Atlanta are coming your way in The Love Buggy @the_love_buggy_atl!

Be on the lookout and open to receiving the L.O.V.E. they will be spreading around in the ATL!


When Emotions

Take Over

When you think about meditation, you probably imagine that it’s always calm and peaceful, as long as you can settle down your mind, right? You sit, close your eyes (or not) and breathe. And with each breath, you start to relax. You release some tension in your shoulders, your back, your belly, your hips and you begin to relax so much you almost feel like you might fall asleep.

But actually, there are times when, without warning, that stillness is interrupted. Emotions from past experiences and situations begin to trickle out like a pot of hot water boiling over or it may feel like a sudden rush that hits you hard. It can feel physical like a tingling down your spine, a hot sensation in your chest or an ache in your leg. You may even have a sudden urge to cry to release these emotions. These emotions can come from places of both joy and sorrow. They can come from the joy of being newly married, having a baby or starting a business. And they can also derive from the sadness and anger of going through a divorce or losing a loved one.

Whatever your experiences in life, the emotions tied to them are stored in your body and psyche. So when you regularly make an effort to settle down, sit still and hold space for yourself, it’s very common for these emotions to surface because your body and mind are looking for a release.

So what do you do with these emotions?

Sit with them. Acknowledge them. Thank them for showing up. They are a part of you and your journey so do your best to face them with compassion and understanding.

What are you feeling?

Fear? Anger? Resentment?

Excitement? Joy? Pride?

These are all valid feelings that we often hold back or repress. Welcome them, sit with them and really feel into them. We store a lot of emotions in our bodies that can be toxic if we’re not willing to express and release them. So when you feel them coming during meditation, inhale, exhale and let them out.  Roll your shoulders, stretch your arms, move your body in ways that help you to release your emotions if you feel the need to do so. You may even cry. Be open to however you need to release your feelings.

These emotional releases are all a part of meditation, so don’t fear them. Sit with them as you begin pulling back the mental, physical and emotional layers inside. You know what you’ve been through. Use meditation to create a safe space to process your emotions so you can learn from your past and be more mindful as you move forward in life.


The Modern Apothecary

Taking Mindfulness Mainstream

The Modern Apothecary celebrated its grand opening on September 8th and 9th with free meditation classes right here in Atlanta!

It was a beautiful weekend filled with amazing teachers, visitors from all walks of life, chai tea and meditations to help us all breathe, release, renew and re-energize ourselves!

We are so grateful and excited to welcome our teachers and guides for daily meditations.

Our teachers included:

  • Dr. Nilaja Green, Founder and CEO of Standpoint Therapy and Consulting, for our Dream class to help bring us closer to our most authentic selves and move forward on our paths to manifest the life we want to live!

  • Jennefer O’Brien with Mindful Mornings Atlanta to give us an Energy boost, raise our vibe and start attracting the people, things, experiences and opportunities we really want in life!

  • Dr. Telsie Davis from The Davis Center, who first partnered with us back in January for 24/4 and is with us again to help us nurture an empowered mindset the Transform negativity into motivation and mediocrity into greatness!

  • Dr. Crystal Jones from The Sanctuary, who is showing us how to bring some Om into our lives by tapping into our spiritual and creative power and harnessing energy to create infinite possibilities!

  • Sid Powell, who teaches us how to reignite the flame inside and awaken our spirit like only a true artist and teacher can do!

  • And of course, our own November Nichols, the visionary behind The Modern Apothecary, who spent 25+ years devoted to education and is now committed to helping others strive on their journey to wellness!

We are so grateful and blessed.  Thank you to the teachers and visitors who joined us for our grand opening weekend and we look forward to providing support and resources for all of you on your way to wellness!

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If we’re not careful we can easily get caught up in the noise of life.

As women, we tend to let everything else come first. The kids, the schedules, the dog, the meetings, the meals, the lists, the reminders, the chores, the plans, the vacations, the deposits, the bills, the TV shows, the social media feeds throughout the day...

It’s a lot of NOISE.

Whether the noise is loud or quiet, if it is taking up a lot of your headspace it is NOISE.

Noise drains us of our energy. It blurries our focus, our memory and over time causes a lot of stress. We become anxious, worried and always feel like we’re trying to keep up or stay on top of everything.

We need to make a conscious effort to drown out the noise, to give our mind a break and settle on a blank slate. We can do this by doing something that puts us in a calm, meditative state, which is different for everyone.

Here are a few ways you can drown out the noise:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Walking through nature
  • Swimming
  • Coloring
  • Painting
  • Gardening
  • Tai Chi

These are just a few ideas, but anything that helps you clear your head of thoughts and noise will help you become more focused and zen. And the more time you spend in this calm, meditative state, the better you feel.

If noise is the running theme in your everyday life, you can change that.

Turn off the TV. Put down your phone. Step away from the computer.

Tell your family you need some time for you and then really use that time to go inward and focus on your innermost state of mind. It is within this intimate space that we are able to connect with the life source and begin to identify our needs and adjust our perspective.

Our mind encompasses the entire universe therefore, what we focus on ultimately becomes our reality. If all we have in our heads is noise, we can’t possibly attract our innermost desires.  When we change our innermost state of mind and adjust our perspective, our entire being changes, which in turn directly impacts the environment and our overall existence. This is critical to our evolution and self-transformation.

Do what works for you.

Drown out the noise and find your zen.

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Fear.  It seems like a little four letter word, but we all know it can be much more than that. Fear is a feeling that can turn a mouse into a lion, a rock into a mountain and a puddle into an ocean. It’s something that can block us from experiencing new and exciting things. Fear is one of the biggest hurdles we have in changing our lives and it often appears when we are getting big ideas to shake things up.

We begin to worry about how things will look or what people will think. We worry about whether we’re smart enough or good enough or strong enough. We become filled with feelings of doubt and insecurity and eventually our fear becomes a huge, hovering shadow until it just seems safer to stay where we are.

But you know what?

As scary as fear may be, it’s also one of the best signs that you are digging deeper and getting closer to the things that will begin to light you up inside. When you have an idea to do something bigger or try something new and fear is kicking in, take it as a sign that you are stretching, growing and expanding your horizons. Take it as a sign that you are being given bigger ideas and opportunities to change your life in amazing ways. When you have an idea that keeps coming back to you or a strong desire to do something new, your fear is testing you. It’s testing you to see how badly you want to discover your truth. It’s testing you to see if you will step up and create a life you love without backing down.

When you feel excitement and exhilaration calling, don’t ignore it. You have those desires because life is calling you to take action on them. If you have a wild idea, run with it! When you face your fear and show life that you’re ready to create, fear will become less of a struggle and you will begin to welcome it as the sign that it is. A sign to dig deeper and trust your gut. A sign to take a turn onto a new journey. A sign to create anew.

As you are on this journey, what fears are holding you back from creating a life you truly love?







      Gratitude can change your life and it’s one of the simplest things you can do to change the energy you’re putting out into the world. Scientific research has even proven that the more thankful you are, the happier and less stressed you are as well!       If you’re new to the practice of gratitude, being thankful for the bigger things in life may come to mind first. Maybe you’re thankful for your new job or promotion, or maybe you’re thankful that the car that ran through the red light just missed you. While these are obvious things to be thankful for, I bet there are also many smaller things you can be grateful for as well. Maybe you’re grateful that it didn’t rain until after you were done with your walk. Maybe you’re grateful for receiving a large cup of coffee instead of the medium one you paid for. Maybe you’re grateful for your dog who greets you at home after a long day with so much happiness and excitement. If you make it a habit to look for things to be thankful for you may be surprised how many you find!        Once you start discovering all the blessings around you, you may want to start writing them down. You can keep a journal where you write down what you’re grateful for at the end of the day. Or you can make a gratitude jar where you drop little notes of gratitude throughout the year. At the end of the year you can read your notes or journal and remember all the wonderful people, things and events that made you thankful that year. It’s a great way to acknowledge all of the positive things in your life and it makes you feel thankful all over again!       Anything you do to practice gratitude helps to cultivate that feeling in your daily life until it becomes an automatic habit. When you get in the habit of being thankful, you create a more positive energy and frequency that flows into the Universe. When you do this, you are also opening yourself to receive more of what you want in life. Remember, like attracts like! What you put out into the world comes back to you!        On this Thanksgiving day, count your blessings and try to make gratitude a daily habit. You may be surprised how much you can find to be thankful for each day.       We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones. :)

Gratitude can change your life and it’s one of the simplest things you can do to change the energy you’re putting out into the world. Scientific research has even proven that the more thankful you are, the happier and less stressed you are as well!


If you’re new to the practice of gratitude, being thankful for the bigger things in life may come to mind first. 







      I'm a testament to many fuck ups! But the difference between how I handle things and how others handle things is usually remarkably different.    While I am reflective, I don't hang my head in shame. Fuck ups help you transform into the person you are destined to be. While they never feel good in the midst of all hell breaking loose, things always turn out as they should.    Here are some proactive measures you can take to redirect your course:      Recognize and acknowledge the mistake. Own it! Half     of the angst comes from the cover up.       Get to the root of it. Why did you make the decision   you made.  What was your intent?  Reflect and ask yourself, What could I have done differently?      Set yourself up so that you do not repeat it. This may   mean removing yourself from a situation or keeping certain people out of your life. This can be an extremely hard thing to do, but sometimes it’s necessary so you can move forward.       Don’t dwell there. The past is no place for a healing   spirit. Growth comes from moving on.      Use the time when you would normally be wallowing   in self pity and regret to chart a plan of action. Set a new course and perhaps find a way to right your wrong.     Be kind to yourself and love yourself through the process. There is so much good that comes out of loving yourself.     Sometimes what seems to be a major fuck up can turn out to be a blessing. God often places us in precarious situations to lead us to rethink our path. Reflection is key. While I  am by no means condoning a lack of acceptance, I am suggesting that regardless of your situation, there is always another opportunity to change your path.  Whether you messed up your relationship, made a big mistake at work, crossed a line with a friend — whatever it is that has made the pit of your stomach sink and made you feel like you are the worst person in the world — you are not.    You are not what you did.  Just because you were wrong doesn’t mean you are a bad person. Feel the regret, apologize, right the wrong if you can — but then do the work to change your course and move forward better than you were yesterday.   You live, you learn, you grow. This is what we are all here to do.  Until next time,  November

I'm a testament to many fuck ups! But the difference between how I handle things and how others handle things is usually remarkably different.

While I am reflective, I don't hang my head in shame. Fuck ups help you transform into the person you are destined to be. While they never feel good in the midst of all hell breaking loose, things always turn out as they should.