The Modern Apothecary

Taking Mindfulness Mainstream

The Modern Apothecary celebrated its grand opening on September 8th and 9th with free meditation classes right here in Atlanta!

It was a beautiful weekend filled with amazing teachers, visitors from all walks of life, chai tea and meditations to help us all breathe, release, renew and re-energize ourselves!

We are so grateful and excited to welcome our teachers and guides for daily meditations.

Our teachers included:

  • Dr. Nilaja Green, Founder and CEO of Standpoint Therapy and Consulting, for our Dream class to help bring us closer to our most authentic selves and move forward on our paths to manifest the life we want to live!

  • Jennefer O’Brien with Mindful Mornings Atlanta to give us an Energy boost, raise our vibe and start attracting the people, things, experiences and opportunities we really want in life!

  • Dr. Telsie Davis from The Davis Center, who first partnered with us back in January for 24/4 and is with us again to help us nurture an empowered mindset the Transform negativity into motivation and mediocrity into greatness!

  • Dr. Crystal Jones from The Sanctuary, who is showing us how to bring some Om into our lives by tapping into our spiritual and creative power and harnessing energy to create infinite possibilities!

  • Sid Powell, who teaches us how to reignite the flame inside and awaken our spirit like only a true artist and teacher can do!

  • And of course, our own November Nichols, the visionary behind The Modern Apothecary, who spent 25+ years devoted to education and is now committed to helping others strive on their journey to wellness!

We are so grateful and blessed.  Thank you to the teachers and visitors who joined us for our grand opening weekend and we look forward to providing support and resources for all of you on your way to wellness!