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Fear.  It seems like a little four letter word, but we all know it can be much more than that. Fear is a feeling that can turn a mouse into a lion, a rock into a mountain and a puddle into an ocean. It’s something that can block us from experiencing new and exciting things. Fear is one of the biggest hurdles we have in changing our lives and it often appears when we are getting big ideas to shake things up.

We begin to worry about how things will look or what people will think. We worry about whether we’re smart enough or good enough or strong enough. We become filled with feelings of doubt and insecurity and eventually our fear becomes a huge, hovering shadow until it just seems safer to stay where we are.

But you know what?

As scary as fear may be, it’s also one of the best signs that you are digging deeper and getting closer to the things that will begin to light you up inside. When you have an idea to do something bigger or try something new and fear is kicking in, take it as a sign that you are stretching, growing and expanding your horizons. Take it as a sign that you are being given bigger ideas and opportunities to change your life in amazing ways. When you have an idea that keeps coming back to you or a strong desire to do something new, your fear is testing you. It’s testing you to see how badly you want to discover your truth. It’s testing you to see if you will step up and create a life you love without backing down.

When you feel excitement and exhilaration calling, don’t ignore it. You have those desires because life is calling you to take action on them. If you have a wild idea, run with it! When you face your fear and show life that you’re ready to create, fear will become less of a struggle and you will begin to welcome it as the sign that it is. A sign to dig deeper and trust your gut. A sign to take a turn onto a new journey. A sign to create anew.

As you are on this journey, what fears are holding you back from creating a life you truly love?