the modern apothecary

Taking Mindfulness Mainstream!


With anxiety, depression, stress and suicide all on the rise, there is a growing need to preserve and protect ourselves and our loved ones with resources, tools and practices to support work/life balance.  Mindfulness practice supports mental well-being by showing individuals how to create space within so they can effectively navigate the peaks and valleys of life.

When you SIT with us, our mindfulness practitioners meet you where you are to guide and support you through the journey within to help catapult you toward living a life you love.

The Modern Apothecary by November Nichols is a luxury wellness maison located on Atlanta's Eastside Beltline inside the historic Paris on Ponce.  Our practitioners and staff are all about assisting our clients with acknowledging their greatness and helping to tap into their innermost desires, goals and dreams. Every product and service we offer is focused on being kind to yourself and treating yourself better- mind, body, and soul.  We support you in growing your mindfulness practice while cultivating compassion and self love in our calm, nurturing, relaxing environment.